Trilogy of streetphotography

Mahlke and the Zille factor in photography

People reading - how to shot photos

Framing reality - the Frame in dayart photography

Trilogy of streetphotography

We live in a new time. More and more cameras – more and more photos. Streetphotography has new conditions: smaller…


Goodbye to editorial? Reality as loss-making business

by mike mahlke

Photo VII told the BJP about their loss-making business with reality. They are looking for a new business modell. Laif told some days ago that their business modell is changing. More “Corporatefotografie, Portrait, Beauty, Interior und Illustration”. Real reality with photostories is out in business – using elements of reality is in. This tendency is…

If you want to stay on earth and you want not to be a refugee in digital worlds – then make photos for this world and the necessary clarity.

Photography between personal voice and photovoice


What is your photographic voice? This question you find very often in the web: Parikha Metha shows a feminine voice Laura Babb shows a fashion voice Edward Burtynsky talks about the way to your own voice Otto von Münchow trains your voice You will find still more on the web. But this is the way…

The end of paid socialdocumentary photojournalism?

photo: mike master

“As I mentioned, it’s so frustrating to be covering something so tragic, that no one wants to publish and that can’t see the public light apart from social media…” These words spoke Camille Lepage, 25, an independent French photographer living in South Sudan. “For over a year now, documentary photographer Camille Lepage has been photographing…

After Flickr: and home storage

Ad free flickr means 49,99 Dollars a year. In other words if you pay the ads then you are ad free. If you pay not you are not adfree. This is business thinking but this is not flickr with the flickr community how I like it. Flickr was and is still a community where you…

Exhausted by MiMa

by  Mike Master

It is part of our life – exhausted people. But more and more they are invisible because we accept this as a normal part of the life around us. Is it normal? Do you see exhausted people around you? Do you notice exhaustion? Take a look at this slideshow and you see exhaustion – may…


Mahlke and the Zille factor in photography

by mike mahlke

Mike Mahlke is a photographer in germany. He likes unposed situations, streetphotography and documentary. But that´s not all. For him photography is a way of life. That means flow. He does not shot only in one way. Sometimes he likes the geometrical way of Cartier-Bresson. Other times he looks for the feeling to be there…

What means Wupperart?


Art is a special way to do something. May be you want express your way to see or you want to express what you feel. Wupperart talks about my way to see in a special region. Pars pro toto! That means if you see the microcosmos you see the macrocosmos. So the microsmos is the…

Sub is Top – Photography between Doug Rickard and Mike Mahlke

by mike mahlke

Streetphotography toady means using new digital techniques and a new view on color and structure. Using street views means framing reality. Doug Rickard  made a book “A new American picture”. You see colored reality of streets and people. But in the middle is not a person. In the middle is the public space and how…

Street Impressions – Lenswork in Germany

by mahlke

Not streetphotography, not street style photography – it is street impressions photography. Or it is capturing moments with the new generation of smartphones, filters and compact cameras to express reality. Emphasizing the things you see is the way. The book “urban views 1″ is one result. You can see it online now.  

Framing reality – the Frame in dayart photography

by michael mahlke remscheid

“A frame does not only separate a piece of art from its surroundings, it establishes a relationship with the pictorial elements it contains.” In Ratingen was an exhibition about the interaction of contemporary photography and antique picture frames. This is one possibility to work with frames in modern photography. Another form is framing reality. That…

Is unposed unperfect?



Vendula Ralkova and the reality of street photography

If you want to stay on earth and you want not to be a refugee in digital worlds then make photos for and from this world.

And I would add make photos which show what could be better!

This message I got from Mrs Ralkova in her good video about streetphotography: